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  • "To participate in the Alchemy of Touch Massage Training has been a really special experience.
    I love Tapesh's teaching style and the way he shares from the heart and from his own experiences.
    I have some years of working experience as a bodyworker, but i never saw, understood that a great benefit can come from such an easy and effortless touch. I feel that whole body just melts, leaving no space for pain and tension remaining in the body, by combining several touches into one. I was never really satisfied with classical deep tissues and myofacial release, now I see how it can be modified and integrated
    into something rich and beautiful. Fluid Touch showed me how to be playful and it offers a great potential when it comes to improvising and responding to the specific needs of a specific body client. I also understand better what role the nervous system plays when it comes to opening up and releasing muscles. I had lots of fun in the course and I learnt a lot!"

    - Daniel Bozi
    December 2010

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