Tapesh F. Paradiso is the Founder of Alchemy of Touch Massage & Bodywork Academy.
Tapesh is a passionate devotee of the healing arts. For more than 20 years he has been living and working throughout the world as a Therapist, Bodywork Trainer and Meditation Teacher.

Tapesh was born in the South of Italy. At a young age he had already started to travel and explore. In the beginning of his twenties he met Osho, the great inspiring master. Feeling deeply connected and inspired by the East, Tapesh eventually moved to India where he started his journey with meditation and healing within the living presence of Osho. He studied and practiced many different massage techniques from all over the world and with more than two decades of experience with touch, body-mind journey and meditation, Tapesh developed a unique fusion that is now called ‘Alchemy of Touch’.

Alchemy of Touch has its roots in Osho Rebalancing Massage. Over years of dedicated study & exploration, Tapesh modified and improved this technique, morphing it into a more dynamic & poetic form. Playfulness, artistry, presence and effortlessness are cornerstones of his approach. Tapesh also introduced the best methods from his broad education across many modalities of massage. His own innovative method ‘Fluid Touch’ brings to life this powerful form of massage & body-mind work, which focusses on physical & energetic release from the Myofascia.

Tapesh is dedicated to transmitting the wisdom he has gathered over his lifetime through Alchemy of Touch bodywork trainings, private massage sessions, and through the ongoing mentorship of his many students worldwide who are now full time practitioners.


Anouk Devi is co-founder of the Alchemy of Touch Massage & Bodywork Academy.

Anouk is a dedicated Bodywork Therapist & Trainer, Personal Coach, Trauma-stress Therapist & Yin Yoga Teacher. Her focus is in creating a truly holistic approach toward supporting the body-mind synergy.
Anouk originally began her work within the sphere of Mental Health Care, providing mental and physical support to those in need. In her early twenties she started an intense journey with her own physical health. This path guided her toward an experiential understanding of the power of natural healing, and which sparked her fascination with fascia. Anouk shares her embodied understanding of anatomy & physiology with intricacy and radiates the professional expertise of an experienced bodyworker and the natural compassion as a therapist. Anouk both contrasts and compliments Tapesh, inviting all students of Alchemy of Touch to cultivate their own expression of this beautiful form with warmth and grace.
Anouk has an innate connection with ancient wisdom teachings. Living in India and the East are an important part of her inspiration. Together with her life partner Tapesh, Anouk facilitates Alchemy of Touch Trainings by offering hands-on support to help all students refine their technique. She is also the logistical co-ordinator, providing all that is needed for the Alchemy of Touch Bodywork Academy. She holds the space to ensure that all students feel supported and everyones needs are being met, so that all students are free to learn in the most relaxed and profound way.




“Touch is Food for the Soul”