Alchemy of Touch is a leading Academy for personal accredited training and development in Massage, Bodywork and Healing. Through 26 years of experience we now educate and share our professional skills to empower each person’s realisation of being able to expand and to be unique in their qualities and gifts in the Art of Massage. We train and support you in unlocking your extraordinary potential, for your personal and professional interests. Our focus is to educate and to prepare students for higher levels of career opportunities and for everyone to support their own health.

We are a shape shifter in the culture of massage, which is controversial as we teach as much possible in a shorter time.

Alchemy of Touch is designed to elevate massage and bodywork to a new level, using different techniques from the Eastern and Western world into a single harmonised approach, profound physical techniques, meditation and energy work. These techniques are integrated with our own innovative method ‘Fluid Touch’. We provide trainings for both beginners in massage and bodywork and advanced practitioners as well as for practitioners in the flied of yoga, health care and those interested in wellbeing. Trainings are in group settings face-to-face on locations worldwide. We also provide as well online support and internship possibilities.

We want to inspire, empower and create opportunities for others and for ourselves, to share our skills in freedom, union and flexibility.

Courses and Training Overview