Alchemy of Touch was born after more then 2 decades of experience.

After one of his many private massage sessions to one of the yoga trainers in Goa, India, Tapesh started to receive questions of curiosity about what it was that he was doing so different and how to learn this unique technique, which the person experienced so much benefit from.

It didn’t stay with one person being curious, suddenly there where many requests and interests from people wanting to learn what Tapesh did. Never having had the idea of ‘becoming’ a teacher he let it first all settle. Tapesh his own journey never had come from ‘becoming’ something as his way of living always has been according to letting things come real, natural and authentic. And so it happened that he saw that the time was right to start to share his skills and knowledge of massage and healing. He loved to see how he could not only teach but also transmit that what he had developed over these years of practicing massage, which to him is a true form of Art. Tapesh knew that from the many different schools of massage and techniques he studied himself, he always had taken out the best parts. Some of which he over the years transformed himself again as he experienced through giving so many sessions that there where more profound ways of practicing these techniques. He also recognized that at this present time there was a way of training people in a shorter amount of time high quality massage skills. He challenged himself to train his participants in being Master Masseurs. And so he started to teach in 2007 to his first group of participants in Goa. From that moment on he has been sharing his gift of Alchemy of Touch Massage and Bodywork trainings.

In the North of India, Dharamsala, Tapesh and Anouk met each other in 2010.
Anouk being already a massage therapist herself wanted to expand her skills and learn more with Tapesh and his Alchemy of Touch Massage Method. Experiencing this there was a natural meeting of both their passions and skills and the start of expanding Alchemy of Touch trainings was born as well in a natural way.alchemy-of-touch_our-story_successFrom Goa, Alchemy of Touch expanded naturally to teaching worldwide. Always remaining with the innate truth of teaching and supporting participants in a high skilled and as well natural way, with the focus on hands-on learning.   Supporting participants passionately to develop their skills in the best way possible. The Alchemy of Touch Trainings are organic teachings and always undergo a spontaneous and natural transformation itself. We are happy to share this empowering dynamic with you!Now that we have told you brief about our journey in massage – apply now so we can help you get started with yours!Read more about our courses: