Alchemy of Touch was born after more then 2 decades of experience.

In 2000, Tapesh was offering private massage sessions in Goa, India. A regular client, a Yoga Teacher, started to ask curiously about what it was that he was doing, why his sessions were so different and how to learn this unique technique, which the person experienced so much benefit from.

It didn’t stay with one person being curious. Suddenly there where many requests and interests from people wanting to learn what Tapesh did. Never having had the idea of ‘becoming’ a teacher, he let it settle. His way of living has always been to let things come real, natural and authentic. And so it happened that he saw that the time was right to start to share his skills and knowledge of massage and healing, and in 2007 he accepted his first group of participants in Goa.

Tapesh knew that from the many different schools of massage he had studied, he always had focused on the very best techniques, letting go of all of the rest. Over many years of professional practice he experienced that even an excellent technique could be improved and his method transformed into something completely unique and personal. He also recognized that by cutting straight to the essence, that he was capable of training people in high quality massage skills in a short amount of time. He challenged himself to train his participants in being Master Bodyworkers. Tapesh not only teaches but also transmits what is essentially his life’s work.

In the North of India, Dharamsala, Tapesh and Anouk met each other in 2010.
Already a massage therapist, Anouk sensed the depth of Alchemy of Touch and also wanted to learn from Tapesh. There was a natural meeting of their passions & skills and a deep love grew between them. With Anouk’s support, Alchemy of Touch Trainings began to expand in an organic way. After many years in Goa, Alchemy of Touch began to offer teachings worldwide, and finally made the move to create a new base for themselves on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand in 2017.
With the focus of hands-on learning while always remaining with the innate truth, Tapesh & Anouk passionately support their participants to develop their skills to the highest capacity.

No matter if you are an experienced practitioner or a curious beginner, if you are ready to open a new chapter of your life with this transformational bodywork, apply now.