The Alchemy of Touch Academy is a shape shifter in the culture of massage, controversial as we teach as much possible in a shorter time.

The focus in any of our trainings is on effortless effort, which is the core component being shared by Tapesh. From this empowering basis all the rest unfolds effortlessly and organically. Working with your body weight, being centred in the roots, the hara, and legs; you can easily experience this effortless effort.

Tapesh will teach you exact skilful ways of making sure you as massage therapist will be able to even gain energy with giving a massage instead of getting tired. This is a mayor concern for many practitioners. And we support you with great solutions.


At the Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy you will learn in new revolutionary ways. We emphasise learn-by-doing. Tapesh will teach you the exact knowledge of the strokes, precise anatomy with interactive training material and body reading all simultaneously integrated with each other. This gives you the possibility to learn in a dynamic and joyful way. Our approach is that when you are relaxed the learning will come easy and naturally. You are going to learn strokes, gentle and deep, to go in and to know where and how to touch, but from the Alchemy of Touch beginners standpoint, by letting yourself feel it – avoiding to learn only from your mind, but learning with your hands and your heart. So we don’t put so much emphasise for you on remembering names of muscles and bones as these will come up by themselves.

Tapesh his passion is to teach participants how to give massage sessions with a present (conscious) touch, which is even more then just a technique- it is always here-now, and no two touches are ever the same. No two massage sessions will ever be the same.

He will teach you the highly skillful techniques. With these precise trained techniques he teaches and invites you how to respond every time anew to your clients specific needs in that moment. In this way every massage always is fresh and new, evoking the break though of systematic patterns and tension. In a loving and intimate training environment, you will learn in your own way, intuitively choosing your own organic approach. Your touch will become all encompassing and spacious, resting in a total awareness.

The training is a preparation in holistic bodywork, as well an intense self-transformational process. You will learn how to systematically free the body from tensions and constrictions, allowing the body to reorganise itself. This process brings more grace and easiness of movement, a realignment of the posture. You will experience directly how it is possible to open to your body and become more conscious of its existence.

Bodywork is one of the finest arts, requiring a healing and skillful touch, together with the understanding that each person is unique and has its own individual needs.

Learning to work in a meditative way, through touching and being touched, and through an energetic process to open the body, awareness work and group sharing, the training can become a growth journey, during which each individual will find support in a loving and accepting atmosphere.