The Alchemy of Touch Trainings are for both beginners in massage and bodywork and advanced practitioners as well as for practitioners in the flied of yoga, health care and those interested in wellbeing.


Whether you want to become a professional massage therapist, are a current massage therapist looking to add a new technique to your repertoire or just want to learn how to massage family and friends, we offer trainings to suit your needs.


We want to empower each person’s realization of being able to expand and to be unique in his or her qualities and gifts in the Art of Massage. We train and support in unlocking your extraordinary potential, for your personal and professional interest. Our focus is to educate and to prepare students for higher levels of career opportunities and for everyone to support their own health.

At the Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy you will be able to attend Certified and Diploma Trainings. The set ups of our Trainings came about through many experiences and are made very specifically to support everyone best and to make sure we keep the standards of Alchemy of Touch Practitioners high.


Professionals, Aspiring Professionals, Persons who are interested to attend our Trainings for their Personal Health, Wellbeing and Development are all welcome alike!* Upon full completion of each Certified Training participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance or a Certificate of Completion stating the hours of training with us. Please read carefully for which training what kind of Certificate or Diploma is applicable.

* Upon full completion of the Total of 100 Hours of Alchemy of Touch Training, Level 1 and Level 2 participants will receive an Accredited Diploma stating the qualification to practice as a full-recognized Alchemy of Touch Massage Therapist.

As stated before, this distinction is made to support the high quality of professionals who have trained with us.

With Alchemy of Touch everyone will start totally new and fresh!

The Shorter Trainings are perfect to fit around your existing commitments and budget. And for those who want to learn in smaller steps due to their new enrolment in massage.

If you immediately want to enrol in the 60 Hour Intensive Certificate Training Level 1, than that is a total possibility.

It is always possible to upgrade to gain your Accredited Diploma Training if you have already studied for your Certificate Training with Alchemy of Touch.

There is a specific structure in place before one can attend the 40 Hour Advanced Intensive Diploma Training Level 2, as well as for attending our specialized Advanced Trainings Please refer to each Training separate to see their specific requirements.