Level 2 Advanced Intensive Diploma Training


* Advanced Certificate Training – Review & Deepening of Level 1 Techniques.

* Advanced Certificate Training – Level 2 Techniques 

This Advanced Intensive Diploma Training is ONLY available to participants who have completed our Level 1 Intensive Certificate Training, preferably those who have been practicing with our method on a regular basis.
This course begins with a comprehensive review of all of the techniques delivered in Level 1 of Alchemy of Touch in order to clarify & refine each technique to the highest professional standard. We also discuss in detail any questions relating to the personal clinical experiences of our students in order to solidify their professional confidence.

Grounded in our Level 1 techniques, we move on to introduce new and intricate strokes that are very specific to target areas and offer the practitioner an incredibly vast skillset to work deeply in a focused therapeutic nature. Here we teach a whole session of work with the body positioned laying on its side. This allows access to muscles, joints & visceral organs in a new way. It is also a very comfortable posture for many clients who are experiencing pain.
This training is absolutely vital for those wanting to practice this form of bodywork professionally.


* Advanced Certificate Training – Review & Deepening of Level 1. 

  • A comprehensive review of all techniques delivered in Level 1.
  • Clarification of any questions encountered during professional practice of Alchemy of Touch techniques.
  • Question-Answer relating to professional experiences & client-practitioner relationship.


* Advanced Certificate Training – Level 2 Techniques. 


  • Learn to master the practice of detailed, sensitive and profound touch of the neck.
  • Learn new advanced neck massage techniques, including Fluid Touch ©
  • Techniques which release pain & melt contraction in the neck , shoulder & chest.


  • Learn about internal anatomy and new advanced visceral (internal organ) massage techniques.
  • Psoas muscle release techniques; learn how to correctly locate and release this deep area of tension.
  • Understand the benefits of visceral work and how to expand your sessions and professional work with this specific aspect.


  • Understand the importance of offering the best position for your client and learn how to identify the situations in which your work will be best applied from the side.
  • How to reach the neck in more profound ways.
  • How to work with Sciatica from the side body.
  • How to work on the sides of the legs.
  • How to work on the Lower Back, Lumbar Area
  • Myofascial Chi-Release Side Techniques.
  • Deep Tissue Side Techniques.
  • Tapesh’s unique way of working in the shoulder area.
  • Fluid Touch © from the side body!


  • Insights of the Nerves System
  • Special attention to the Vagus Nerve.
  • Deepen your understandings of the Fascia.
  • Insight into the Lymphatic System.
  • Special attention to diagnostics and advises.
  • Attention to syndromes & diseases the body worker encounters with clients.


Requirements for Level 2 Advanced Intensive Diploma Training:

  • Participants MUST have completed our Intensive Certificate Training Level 1, without exception.
  • To obtain the Accredited Diploma in Alchemy of Touch Massage, students must complete the full hours of Alchemy of Touch Trainings, Level 1 & Level 2 with 100% attendance and participation.
  • Before completing your training you will apply Level 2 techniques to Tapesh and Anouk and receive their feedback.

Once you have completed both of our Intensive Trainings, Level 1 and Level 2, you will receive an Accredited Diploma from us stating your completion of training with Alchemy of Touch and the qualification to practice as a full-recognized Alchemy of Touch Massage Therapist.

If you wish to truly master our form and become registered as an Alchemy of Touch Professional on our website, you must undergo a series of 1:1 Advanced Practitioner Private Training Sessions with Tapesh & Anouk. These sessions evaluate your technique and it is only when your complete session is of a satisfactory level that we will accredit you with our complete endorsement.

Advanced Practitioners Private Training Sessions