Advanced Side Work Training – 20 Hour

This Advanced Training Course is developed to give you the possibility to work in depth in this specific way on the body.

You will learn and upon completion you will be able to:

  • The importance of and how to reach the best position for your client.
  • In which situation you work best on the side.
  • How to reach the neck more profound.
  • How to work with Sciatica.
  • How to work on the side of the legs.
  • How to work on the Lower Back, Lumbar Area
  • Myofascial Chi-Release Techniques Side Techniques.
  • Deep Tissue Techniques Side Techniques.
  • Tapesh will teach you many of his techniques which give you the possibility to expand the sessions with your clients.
  • Learn Tapesh his unique way of working in the shoulder area!
  • Fluid Touch © on the side!

Requirements each student must complete in order to receive the Advanced Certificate Training Side Massage Certificate of Completion:

  • You must have completed the full amount of hours of training.
  • Before completing your training you will attend a clinical experience during our open massage clinic afternoon, where you will give a session to public under supervision of Tapesh and Anouk.

Note: *When already an Alchemy of Touch Accredited practitioner and wanting to get the Side Work Training Accredited:

  • Student will have to attend 2 Personal Training Side Work Sessions with Tapesh.

Number of student contact hours:
The training is comprised of 20 hours of student contact hours in a group training.

Training Requirements for attending the Advanced Training Course Side Massage:

  • Open for everyone who works with massage & bodywork professionally.
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