Q: How can it be that I will be able to give a full Integrated Alchemy of Touch Massage Session after only 9 days of training while other schools require 6 months to 3 years of training?

A: At the Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy you will learn in new revolutionary ways. We emphasize learn-by-doing. Tapesh will teach you the exact knowledge of the strokes, precise anatomy with interactive training material and body reading all simultaneously integrated with each other. With Alchemy of Touch we bring you to the essence with focusing on the core of massage in a direct practical way. Avoiding to learn only from your mind, but learning with your hands and your heart.

Q: Are there any written exams to be completed?

A: Our Trainings are practical oriented. You will not need to complete any written exams. During the whole time of the training your teacher is always there for personal guidance & feedback.

Q: Does it matter that English is not my first language?

A: Do not worry. If you understand basic English we can work with you. Our trainings will be taught in English unless otherwise specified. Upon request and contacting us prior to your registration, translator arrangements can be made.

Q: What are the requirements to join one of your massage trainings?

A: The requirements for joining our trainings differ per training. You can find the specific requirements at each Individual Training Page.

Q: Is accommodation and food included in the Tuition Fee for the Trainings?

A: – Accommodation and Food as well as Travel expenses are not included in the Tuition Fee.
– At most of our trainings we arrange a light, healthy and nourishing lunch for a small additional cost for those who would like to join this option. When you register for your training you will receive the specifics for this.
– We do provide plenty of free water! It is wise to bring your own reusable water bottle as we advise you to drink plenty to hydrate your self good during the trainings.

Q: What is included in your Trainings?

A: – We provide you with a booklet with comprehensive training material.
– Plenty of free water!

Q: Is there anything I will have to bring to your Trainings?

A: – Yes, it will be great if you bring your own; big towel/sarong, notebook, pen, reusable water bottle.

Q: Why are there Certificate Trainings and Diploma Trainings?

A: At the Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy you are able to attend Certified Trainings and Diploma Trainings. The set ups of our Trainings came about through many experiences and are made specifically to support everyone best and to make sure we keep the standards of Alchemy of Touch Practitioners high.

Q: How do I apply for one of your Trainings?

A: – You can click on the apply button and fill in the application form. To ensure a space in your training of choice we ask you for your understanding of 30% deposit of the total Tuition Fee to make at the time you apply for the training. The other 70% payment has to be made 3 weeks prior to the starting date of the training.