Intensive Certificate Training Level 1 – 60 hour

You will learn and upon completion you will be able to:

  • Application of each specific technique in detail and step-by-step practicing;
  • Myofascial Chi-Release, Rebalancing, Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilization (Trager Technique), Yoga Thai Stretches, Digital Pressure Massage, Holistic Massage, Visceral Work, Meditation and Energy Work.
  • How to use and integrate the effectiveness of ‘Fluid Touch © ’; Tapesh his own unique and innovative method!
  • Characteristics of, how and when to use skillfully the different Techniques Alchemy of Touch teaches.
  • How to support your client in natural breathing and the importance of this.
  • You will learn how to systematically free the body from tensions and constrictions, allowing the body to reorganise itself.
  • Detailed study and explanation of human anatomy with the use of a virtual program and supportive video material.
  • The importance of the Alchemy of Touch Massage difference; how to respond to your clients individual need of that moment, to be able to give exactly what is needed. Freed from a specific structure, profound use of the techniques.
  • The importance of and how to work without effort in the most practical ways.
  • How to read the body language of your client.
  • Explanation about what exactly is discomfort and physical pain, how to define it/diagnose the source.
  • You will be trained in how to release modern discomforts. Paying a lot of attention in how to work on these specific area’s;
  • Release Chronic Lower Back Pain.
  • Release Chronic Neck Pain.
  • Release Chronic Shoulder Pain.
  • Code of ethics for the therapist.
  • The importance of awareness about knowing what the profession as massage therapist includes and where other professions are required.
  • Contraindications for massage.
  • The importance of the healing power of incorporating meditation during massage.
  • Different meditation techniques, which will support you during your massage sessions and by that transmission to your client takes place.
  • The integration of Polarity Energy work.
  • Techniques to open and stimulate the natural flow of energy in the body, Qi/Prana.
  • Techniques for you to open the natural healing energy in your hands.
  • Exercises, which you can use for your self and you as well can share with your client to support specific area’s.

After this 60 Hour Intensive Certificate Training Level 1 you will be able to give a full integrated Alchemy of Touch Massage session!

Upon completion and when competent you will receive a Certificate of Alchemy of Touch Massage stating the hours of training with us. (When applicable you will receive the Certificate of Completion otherwise you will receive the Certificate of Attendance).

Requirements each student must complete in order to receive the Certificate in Alchemy of Touch Massage Level 1:

  • Students must complete the full amount of hours of training.
  • Before completing their training students will attend a clinical experience during our open massage clinic on the last day, where the student will give a session to public under supervision of Tapesh and Anouk.
  • A part of the Certification includes and overview where we will specify specific strengths and attention areas for each participant individual. Including a grading scale.
  • * Note that participant will receive a Certificate in Alchemy of Touch Massage when competent. In case not applicable the participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

We follow an important distinction within our Intensive Trainings;

  • Upon full completion of this 60 Hour Intensive Certificate Training Level 1 you will receive a Certificate of Completion stating the hours of training with us. Having completed this Training it will give you the opportunity to enroll in our 40 Hour Advanced Intensive Training Level 2. (See specific Training requirements here; LINK to this specific training).
  • Once you will have completed both of our Intensive Trainings, Level 1 and Level 2, you will receive an Accredited Diploma from us stating 100 hours of training with Alchemy of Touch and the qualification to practice as a full-recognized Alchemy of Touch Massage Therapist. This to ensure and to support you in being a high-qualified Alchemy of Touch professional.

Read More about the 40 Hour Advanced Intensive Training Level 2.

Number of student contact hours:

  • The training is comprised of 60 hours of student contact hours in group training.

Training Requirements for attending the 60 Hour Intensive Certificate Training Level 1:

  • There are no special requirements for attending this Intensive Training Level 1. This Intensive Training is for both beginners in massage and bodywork and advanced practitioners. As long as you have the passion and openness to learn in a new way our Alchemy of Touch Techniques and Approach, you are mostly welcome!

We created the opportunity to attend the 60 Hour Intensive Training Level 1 in two separate parts, Part 1 & Part 2. Both of these 30 Hour Intensive Trainings are perfect to fit around your existing commitments and budget. And for those who want to learn in smaller steps due to their new enrolment in massage.

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See our training schedule here

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