Intensive Essential Trainings – 12 Hour

  • Lower Back Pain (Lumbar area) – Myofascial Chi-Release Training* (12 Hour)
  • Neck & Shoulder – Myofascial Chi-Release* (12 Hour)
  • Note; This are 2 separate 12 hour Trainings.

Both of the 12 Hour Intensive Essential Trainings are the best Introduction to the unique and profound approach of Massage & Bodywork of Alchemy of Touch. You will learn the first and most important core techniques of the fusion of Alchemy of Touch.
These Trainings are perfect to fit around your existing commitments and budget. And for those who want to learn in smaller steps due to their new enrolment in massage.

Upon Completion of each 12 Hour Intensive Essential Training you will have in your hands:

  • The importance of the healing power of incorporating meditation during massage.
  • Meditation technique, which will support you and your client and your family and friends.
  • Techniques to open the natural healing energy in your hands.
  • The emphasis will be on learning direct, easy and effective techniques to release the ‘problem’ area’s which most people experience:
    • Lower Back Pain (Lumbar Area) – Myofascial Chi-Release* (12 Hour)
    • Neck & Shoulder Pain Myofascial Chi-Release* (12 Hour)
    • * Note; This are 2 separate 12 hour Trainings.
  • How and when to use skillfully the different Techniques Alchemy of Touch taught you.
  • What is Fluid Touch© and how to use the effectiveness of ‘Fluid Touch’; Tapesh his own unique and innovative method!
  • Energy work and how to use it.

One of the most important aspects of Alchemy of Touch is the holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul.

Upon full completion, of each Intensive Essential Training, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance stating the hours of training with us.
These Trainings stand on their own which means that they are not included to obtain the Accredited Diploma Certificate.

Requirements each student must complete in order to receive the Certificate of Attendance:
Students must complete the full amount of hours of training.

Number of student contact hours:
The training is comprised of 12 hours of student contact hours in a group training.

Training Requirements for attending the Intensive Essential Trainings:

There are no special requirements for attending. Both the 12 Hour Intensive Essential Trainings are for both beginners in massage and bodywork and advanced practitioners. As long as you have the passion and openness to learn in a new way our Alchemy of Touch Techniques and Approach, you are mostly welcome!

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