alchemy-of-touch_aspiring-proffessionals-02The Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy provides Intensive Accredited Massage Education for you as Professional to expand and enhance your massage skills. Whether you are a current massage therapist looking to add a new technique to your repertoire, want to become a professional massage therapist or want to use Alchemy of Touch Massage to support your current profession in the field of yoga etc. Our Intensive Trainings are designed to elevate massage and bodywork to a new level, with our focus to educate and to prepare students for higher levels of career opportunities!

Alchemy of Touch Massage is the profound fusion off:

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New Revolutionary ways of learning
We emphasize learn-by-doing.


Tapesh will teach you:

Exact knowledge of the techniques,
Precise anatomy with interactive training material,
And body reading all simultaneously integrated with each other.
Learning to work in a meditative way is key in Alchemy of Touch; this enables you to leave a blueprint of silence and ultimate relaxation.

We provide comprehensive training notes and pictures for you as reminders. At the same time we invite you to write your own notes as well. We support you in making clear drawings. This is a part of our new way of learning! You will experience the difference of remembering the knowledge of what you will learn. Transmission is power! Your tendons will get the core and your massage sessions will flower from a usual standard repetitive structure to an extraordinary symphony every time anew. This will give you a unique distinction in the world of massage and your profession stays fresh and alive as well for yourself! This is a very important key for the professional!

The focus in any of our trainings is on effortless effort, which is a core component being shared by Tapesh. From this empowering basis all the rest unfolds effortlessly and organically. Working with your body weight, being centered in the roots, the hara, and legs; you can easily experience this effortless effort.


Tapesh will teach you exact skillful ways of making sure you as massage therapist will be able to even gain energy with giving a massage instead of getting tired! This is a mayor concern for many practitioners. And we support you with great solutions!

It is our passion to train and support you in unlocking your extraordinary potential. We want to inspire, empower and create opportunities!

Soon you will be able to read more on our website about our Internship possibilities as well as the Opportunities to become an Alchemy of Touch Training Provider yourself! Stay Tuned!

At the Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy you will be able to attend Certified Trainings and Diploma Trainings. The set ups of our Trainings came about through many experiences and are made specifically to support everyone best and to make sure we keep the standards of Alchemy of Touch Practitioners high.

We also specially train teams in Massage & Wellness Clinics! Contact us for more information and to arrange personalized Alchemy of Touch Training Settings.

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