Our Focus

When touch becomes art, no two touch’s are ever the same.
To become a gifted bodyworker, one requires a healing and skillful touch, together with strong intuitive listening & a flexible attitude which honors the individuality of each being.


One of the most important aspects of Alchemy of Touch is the holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul. Science provides the basis of our work through the constant exploration of anatomy & physiology including our circulatory & nervous systems and how these systems interact with our environment. Releasing tension will open subtle energy channels through which the qi or life force flows, restoring the energetic system to a state of balance. When the body can enter this state of physical & energetic harmony, the mind automatically follows and there is an invitation into deep meditation & relaxation. We approach our work with the understanding that each soul is a mystery; a mystery touching a mystery. From here we honor the individuality of the client with the understanding that we are both in essence one consciousness.


The Alchemy of Touch Method emphasizes Sustainable Massage Practices. If we are experiencing tension in our own bodies, that tension is transmitted through our touch to the client. Our students are coached to move from their center with awareness of their own relaxation and postural alignment. Working with your body weight, being grounded in your roots, legs & hara you can easily experience this effortless effort. This approach actually increases the energy levels of the practitioner and is critical to ensuring professional longevity.

We place our emphasis on deeply listening and responding, rather than doing or fixing. The act of listening invites us to continuously respond to meet the client’s specific needs in each moment. In this way, every massage always is fresh and new, evoking the breakthrough of systematic patterns and tension.


Science provides the basis of high quality massage through knowledge of anatomy, our circulatory & nervous systems and how these systems interact with our environment. We teach you the exact knowledge of the strokes, precise anatomy & body-reading all simultaneously. Our approach is to teach you how to observe and feel as you practice – learning with your hands and your heart. We do not offer dry anatomy classes. We allow the names of muscles and bones to come up naturally as we apply the techniques, so the understanding of the anatomy & physiology is not separate from the practice.


As long-term practitioners & teachers of meditation, we are passionate about sharing how to use present, conscious touch, which is much more then just a technique. Learning to work in a meditative way is a key element in Alchemy of Touch. By deeply listening to the body we are able to feel and shift the state of the receiver while remaining empty and effortless ourselves. Here we enter into this state of deep meditation that is transmitted through our touch to the client. This leaves both the giver and receiver with a blueprint of silence and ultimate relaxation. Your touch will become all encompassing and spacious, resting in a total awareness.
Throughout the course we practice daily active meditations, seated meditations and listen to spiritual discourses to help us integrate these more esoteric aspects of the practice.


We believe that artistic expression is a fundamental element of bodywork. We encourage the spontaneous exploration of manual techniques such as joint mobilization, freeing the skull bones, stretching ligaments, stimulating circulation, and effecting reflexes. Creativity is what ultimately keeps the practitioner inspired and connected to their form as a unique and evolutionary art. Those who can open themselves to this path of intuitive healing have a special gift of nature beyond what can be learned.


We teach with joy, humor & playfulness and we love to laugh. We are passionate about what we do and we like to keep the vibration high. We sometimes take dance-breaks in between sessions and encourage our students to let go and be truly themselves. We come to share our teachings, but we also love just to be immersed in this transformational space with others who are on the same path of bodywork & healing. In each group, a spontaneous connection unfolds between us all and we become a big family, learning within an intimate and loving environment.