We are proud to transmit Alchemy of Touch Bodywork Trainings with the kind of direct simplicity that makes this work accessible to total beginners who are at the start of their healing journey, yet, our approach is so different that it carries the potential to revolutionize the work of Advanced Massage Therapists. Healers of any modality wishing to expand their professional or personal skills are highly encouraged to apply. The Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy is an Accredited Training Provider by IPHM, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


We see that the increasing global movement of Yoga & other embodied practices demands the integration of conscious bodywork in order to progress toward a truly holistic transformational movement. What we offer is a new understanding of what it is to experience freedom in the body-mind. Everyone who is engaging with an embodied practice stands to benefit from this knowledge, particularly those who are teaching.

Unfortunately, many teachers are simply unqualified in the arena of touch. This can leave them feeling fearful or disempowered when it comes to making clear alignment adjustments and can translate into awkward or dangerous interactions with their students. Alchemy of Touch Massage Training offers the kind of anatomical understanding and energetic responsiveness that many practitioners & teachers of embodied practices are lacking.


The beauty of this practice is, that absolutely everyone needs (and LOVES) high quality bodywork! We all wear the effects of our daily jobs, our old injuries & our stored emotions within our tissues and everyone can learn how to help others to live pain-free. Within each training we receive students who want to open their capacity for healing in service to their loved ones, and even some who have been called to this experience without any clear intention, because it just feels right.

We create an empowered environment within which each person is capable of realizing their own unique qualities and gifts in the art of massage. We train and support you in the unlocking of your extraordinary potential for your personal and professional interest. Our focus is to educate and to prepare our students to move forward with their career aspirations and for everyone to support their own health and the health of those around them.

Over the past decade, we have continuously refined our programs in order to deliver you the highest standards of education in a fun and accessible way. We also offer private trainings for those who are operating as professional therapists and want to perfect their Alchemy of Touch Practice.