Private Sessions


You are looking for …

… high quality professional massage, bodywork?

… a sense of healing and overall well being?

… personal tailor made attention and detail to your specific needs?

… flexible, trustworthy and beneficial service?

… personal empowering support in overall body and skin health?

… worldwide service?

We will assist you with sharing privately on request our high quality skilled professional massage and bodywork. Customized in the most beneficial way according to your personal need and request of that moment, profoundly valuable for health and wellbeing.

Being passionate about our profession we have globally a wide variety of clients who are investing in their own personal wellbeing. We are happy to travel to where ever that is needed, to reach out to our private clients.

Alchemy of Touch:

The aim of a treatment is to achieve a balance and harmony in the body: for joints to regain their normal position and movement in the back and limbs; muscles to be balanced; posture improved; circulation restored; elimination of waste body fluids encouraged; breathing improved; and the ability to relax made easier. The result is a feeling of wellbeing that creates energy for living – and we could all do with
more energy!

Beneficial Personal Service
Ultimate massage and bodywork sessions:

The sessions we give will be customized to your personal requirements, preferences and needs. The massage is not limited to a specific location. Sessions can take place in your home, on your yacht, or in your preferred location – whenever or wherever is most convenient for you.

We, Tapesh and Anouk are flexible to work in a team and also give both private sessions. We will communicate clearly with you to see in which way we can be of most benefit to you. Our clients contact us for regular visits or a series of massage, bodywork sessions and empowering support of all our personal skills as professionals in the healing arts and service.

We also share our qualities of private massage sessions as well as teaching the unique art of Alchemy of Touch in retreat settings and wellness breaks. And we are happy to travel to where ever that is needed, to reach out to our private clients.

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We are happy to share this empowering relaxation with you!