Video Testimonials

  • - Amar Holland
  • - Andreas Germany
  • - Arthur Mor
  • - Britta South Afrika
  • - Charlie England
  • - Devalina Canada
  • - Chrissy England
  • - Jasmine Canada Yoga Teacher
  • - Tara India Yoga Teacher

Written Testimonials

  • "To participate in the Alchemy of Touch Massage Training has been a really special experience.
    I love Tapesh's teaching style and the way he shares from the heart and from his own experiences.
    I have some years of working experience as a bodyworker, but i never saw, understood that a great benefit can come from such an easy and effortless touch. I feel that whole body just melts, leaving no space for pain and tension remaining in the body, by combining several touches into one. I was never really satisfied with classical deep tissues and myofacial release, now I see how it can be modified and integrated
    into something rich and beautiful. Fluid Touch showed me how to be playful and it offers a great potential when it comes to improvising and responding to the specific needs of a specific body client. I also understand better what role the nervous system plays when it comes to opening up and releasing muscles. I had lots of fun in the course and I learnt a lot!"

    - Daniel Bozi
    December 2010

  • "Wow! Such an amazing and nurturing course.
    Its been only 3 and half day so far and already I have learnt so much getting more and more confident in just relaxing and feeling the movements instead of only just meticulously performing them.
    Because of the experimental atmosphere we are so naturally jelling together more and more as group.
    I love the group meditation… it really helps me to feel I am acting in clarity and it creates such nourishing teaching environment.
    Practicing time and having time to write down the strokes as you show them precisely to us, is very important for me and I feel I always receive further instructions if it is needed.
    Such an amazing environment to be able learn from such a fantastic teacher and Anouk.
    I love to support you in your further classes where ever I can.

    Much love and respect"

    - Rebekah
    February 2011

  • "I am grateful to have participated in your course. The techniques are just great! And I am most of all thankful and happy about the message; the direction deep inside understanding of the connection of body and universe itself. That there is no me and there is no you, it is just one…
    Me opening more and more because of the wonderful atmosphere!
    Thanks a lot! I cannot wait to practice more!


    - Liga
    February 2012

  • "I feel honored to have participated in this training, where you shared the jewels and diamonds of knowledge and wisdom with all of us so openly, sharing your own treasure box. Those treasures which you have been collecting and have discovered within your Owen.
    This teaching feels totally complete because it is not just about the body, its about the unity of existence… unity of the body, heart, soul and universe and how we can use the massage as a tool to help, to heal, realign and remember who we truly are. You transmit a deep understanding about life in these trainings and I can see also how you make your action naturally responding depending on the participants in the trainings in order to transmit best that what you want to give to us. After these days I feel so much richer in the understanding about the body and how all is related in life.
    And your way of sharing yourself so pure and naked is an inspiration.

    Love and gratitude"

    - Gordon
    March 2010

  • "Having participated in this course didn’t only mean that I learned new skills, more than that, it helped me to change my perception and attitude as massage therapist a lot.
    Now I see no separation between my hands and heart, me and the body on the table.
    I could get more confidence not only because now I know more, also because I feel more.
    To me, working with my body weight was a challenge; it was not easy for me at all. But now I know and remember how to work with the effortless effort you taught me, I find my self at ease.
    Also spiritually, this course Tapesh and the beautiful people filled me up so much. I have never been in such a lovely group where every one shines.
    All lights became one, splendid warm energy.
    I feel totally grateful that I had this opportunity in my life.
    It was the right time, right place, with the right people.
    Love to Alchemy of Touch."

    - Gon from Korea
    March 2010

  • "I am falling in love with massage. For me this course is just amazing! It is one of those things in life that comes to you for some reason. I was never interested to learn any kind of bodywork until I came to Osho And than I am here!
    And now it is happening.
    I feel so happy!
    Thanks existence,
    Thanks Osho.
    Thank you Tapesh for teaching Alchemy of Touch Massage!"

    - Danai from Slovenia
    March 2010

  • "Before going to one month journey Moscow-India-Moscow I questioned my self what I would like to get from this trip? The answer was; I want to learn real touch. And you Tapesh demonstrated to me how to manifested this! I see you moving with lightness in dance of your movement... with love and tenderness you touch the body, opening and fulfilling it. Alchemy of Touch its beyond description of your action... It is magic, a magic of transformation in the body, turning of soul and peace of the mind... your dance and art of touch inspires me and by observing and practicing with you I drown into the state of meditation... I love learning this magic, how to work with the body, though the space of love... And it is a main quality, moving techniques with awareness and love. Thanks to you, with respect and gratitude!"

    - Tatjana from Moscow
    Feb 2013